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Tenney Information Haul- FINAL PART!

Here's the information that I collected from Tenney in the Key of Friendship:

Chapter List:

1- Studio Time

2- Cousin Mina

3-New Ideas

4- A Big Opportunity

5- Two Surprises

6- In A Jam

7- Really Listen

8- Unexpected Harmony

9- Double-Booked

10- Festival Lights

11- Off Tempo

12- A Break in the Music

13- An Unexpected Ally

14- Making Amends

15- Banding Together

16- A Star On The Rise

17- Singing To The Sky

18- Next Steps

Character List-

Jaya Mitra- The artist best friend who is of Bengali descent.

Ray Grant- Owner of a music shop, "Grant's Music And Collectibles", and leader of the Tri-Stars.

Logan Everett- A stubborn drummer who Tenney works with. They become a duo at the end of the book.

Mason Grant- 17 year old brother who is into music gear and tinkering.

Mom- Owner of a food truck, "Georgia's Genuine Tennessee Hot Chicken".

Aubrey- Tenney's 7 year old sister who is full of energy and a big fan of Belle Starr.

Mrs. Carter- Tenney's homeroom teacher.

Holliday Hayes- Mean girl stereotype. Holliday's dad is the vice president of Silver Sun Records.

Portia "Patty" Burns- A senior who Tenney works with for her music. She is a country superstar.

Ellie Cale- A A&R Coordinator for Mockingbird Records, who discovered Tenney.

Zane Cale- The CEO of Mockingbird Records and Tenney's manager.

Rob- Sound engineer.

Mina- Jaya's cousin from Bangdalesh. A storm blows down her school, and Jaya works to save it.

Principal Schriber- The principal of Magnolia Hills Middle School.

Charlie Wakida- A kid who helps with Jaya's book drive. He collects books from the senior center.

Tara Higgins- A kid who helps with Jaya's book drive. She collects books from the post office and grocery store.

Belle Starr- A pop musician who Aubrey is a big fan of. Tenney meets her and Belle helps with the concert.

Plot Points:

-The Hot Chicken Truck is aqua with red lettering. I think they'll make the food truck!

-The recording studio is called Shake Rag Studios.

-Tenney has been a musician since she was 4

-Mom collected Portia's albums when she was a teenager

-It's been a few weeks after Tenney ended

-Tenney dreams of playing at the Nashville Music Festival

-Logan has freckles on his arms

-Tenney gets lost in the recording studio and runs into Logan.

-Logan is rude to Tenney.

-Jaya and Tenney are having a sleepover when they find out about a tropical storm destroying Jaya's cousin Mina's school in Bangdalesh

-Tenney met Mina the summer before Tenney

-Mina loves music and her school.

-Mina's school was supposed to have a concert before it got destroyed

-Tenney and Jaya have to raise $3000 to help the school. AG needs to learn about economics!

-Holliday has golden brown hair and blue eyes

-Holliday wants to help with the fundraiser for the school. Jaya lets her, and Holliday and Jaya become attached

-Tenney is mad at Holliday, so she writes a song to express her anger, "Where You Are", at Dad's music store

-Aubrey makes Waylon flower crowns

-Mockingbird Records is in a Victorian house

-Tenney performs Where You Are to Portia and Zane. Portia wants Where You Are to have edge, but Tenney wants it to be slow and sad.

-Zane books Tenney for the Artist's Welcome Brunch at the Nashville Music Festival

-Jaya calls Tenney and shares that she wants to have a book sale at the Spring Clean, the school's rummage sale, to raise money for the kids in Bangdalesh.

-Tenney is busy fixing Where You Are when Jaya calls, so Tenney lets Jaya talk only for a minute.

-At school the next day, Tenney tries to talk to Jaya, but Jaya doesn't respond.

-Holliday is helping Jaya more, and is taking over the book drive.

-Tenney tries to participate, but she is really busy with her music.

-At Mockingbird Records, Tenney performs a new version of Where You Are, but it comes out weird and wrong

-Zane, Tenney's manager, wants Logan and Tenney to perform together, but Tenney doesn't want to. She is forced into it!

-When Tenney and Logan have a jam session to fix Where You Are, Logan shows off too much

-Logan thinks Tenney's sound is sleepy

-Zane tells Tenney and Logan to work together and listen, but Tenney doesn't like her song being changed and Logan is playing the drums too fast

-Tenney and Logan are forced to exchange numbers at the end of the day

-Logan texts Tenney his favorite songs, and his taste is nowhere near Tenney's.

-Mom tells Tenney to be open to new ideas, and to give Logan time.

-At school the next day, Jaya agrees with Tenney's mom, which makes Tenney angry.

-Tenney has a cymbal clash text sound for Logan.

-Logan covers Tenney's song, which gives Tenney inspiration to make Where You Are a rock song.

-Holliday makes her dad donate $200 to the school in Bangdalesh

-The Artist Brunch is the same day as the Spring Clean, because plot.

-When Logan finds out that his ideas worked, he shows a softer side.

-Tenney and Logan become friends after Portia helps them make a great ending to Where You Are.

-Tenney is a fan of the book The Secret Garden.

-Jaya and Holliday don't care that Tenney can't make it to the majority of the book sale.

-The brunch ends at one, and the Spring Clean ends at two, so Tenney decides to be there for the last hour

-Tenney wears a floral dress to the brunch. Maybe this one?

logan everett, american girl doll logan everett, american girl logan, american boy doll, logan everett doll,

-The brunch is at Belle Starr's house.

-At the brunch, Tenney runs into Belle Starr.

-Tenney uses two microphones when performing- one to sing into, and another for her guitar

-When performing, Logan is going too fast, so Tenney speeds up so that they could match.

-Belle Starr loves Tenney's performance.

-Tenney and Logan get into a fight over their music styles after they are done performing

-Belle Starr distracts Tenney, and she forgets about the Spring Clean.

-By the time Tenney arrives at school, the Spring Clean is over.

-Jaya isn't happy because the sale only made $742, not the money they needed. Plus, Charlie didn't show up, and Tara got the flu.

-Tenney and Jaya start fighting over Tenney's music career and what a good friend means.

-When Jaya sits next to Holliday at lunch, Tenney writes a song about Jaya, "Music in Me".

-Later that day, Tenney talks to Holliday. Holliday helps Tenney get her emotions out and they start planning a benefit concert for the school in Bangdalesh.

-Jaya goes to the art room before school and after school.

-Tenney and Jaya make up when Tenney shares her benefit concert idea.

-When planning the concert, Tenney decides to ask Belle Starr and Portia to perform.

-Silver Sun Records lets Holliday borrow folding chairs for the show.

-The concert takes place at Grant's Music And Collectibles.

-Tenney and Logan make up after Logan hears Music in Me, and Logan decides to perform with Tenney at the benefit.

-Portia ends up performing, but Belle is on tour in Australia and can't. However, Belle makes a post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter about the benefit concert and too many people come, leading Tenney, Jaya, Mason, Logan and Dad to have to move everything outside.

-The hot chicken truck comes to the event and sells food, with all the profits going to the school in Bangdalesh.

-Tenney wears this outfit to the benefit concert:

logan everett, american girl doll logan everett, american girl logan, american boy doll, logan everett doll,

-The performance ends up making $5000 for the school, more than enough.

-Jaya ends up loving her song.

-Not only does the money save Jaya's cousin's school, they also got to have the school concert in time. At the school concert, they sing Music In Me.

-When Tenney sees the video of the kids singing Music In Me, she tears up of happiness.

-Tenney and Logan get signed as a duo.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Our Generation made a food truck before AG will. Corporate spies?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite character in Tenney's series besides Tenney?

MY ANSWER: Jaya for sure.

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