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Tenney Songs!

Gosh, I feel like AGDN should be called The Tenney Grant Blog. Literally every leak is for her!

American Girl announced Tenney Grant for AG Rewards members today. There was a unlisted video of a song from Tenney's story, which I will share with you!

This song is called Reach The Sky. I remember that it was about Tenney's mom.

STATEMENT ABOUT AG: I have noticed that some of you are disappointed with American Girl's decision to make a boy doll. In my opinion, I'm a bit shocked too, but I ended up liking Logan because he looks like one of my friends. But, one thing is important. Whether we like Logan or don't, or any other decisions American Girl has made, we need to be grateful that American Girl exists. American Girl gives me happiness each and every day. My blog is the only thing keeping me afloat right now with my emotions, and if there was no A*G, there'd be no leaks. There is at least one doll each of us likes. Whether we have one or countless like me, we need to appreciate American Girl. I respect your opinions about Logan and Tenney and Gabriela and anything else, but we need to focus on the thing that matters most- that American Girl exists.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your favorite memory American Girl has created for you?

MY ANSWER: When I went to the AGP on January 1st to get Gabriela and Hope. I met so much blog readers that day, and I felt special. Fast forward two days later, and I was getting kicked on the team time field again!

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