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American Girl Tidbits!

The Wisconsin State Journal just interviewed Katy Dickson, the CEO of American Girl. Katy just revealed some interesting information about A*G- including Z's real name! Check it out:

-Z is Korean-American.

-Z's real name is Suzie!

-Katy said this about AG's 2017 plans:

"We are planning to take those things that are creating growth, hitting the mark, and expanding those. We think there will be continued opportunities for expanded distribution. We’ll also be introducing new characters. They are poignant, they are exciting and they will teach girls gentle life lessons that will very much support building girls of strong character."

-The WellieWishers show has been renewed for season 2! HOORAY!

-The WellieWishers show will premiere in the UK in the spring!

-Katy met Pleasant Rowland! Here's Katy's description about her encounter with the founder of A*G:

"I have met with Pleasant at an event at the Overture Center. I was absolutely honored to talk to her about the American Girl legacy. It was a thrill to meet the person who started it all 30 years ago. She is still a “spiritual leader” of the company, but not in a day-to-day way.At the Children’s Theater of Madison production of the American Girls Revue last October, she delighted everybody by attending the final performance and did a Q&A with some of the girls."

-AG has no plans for any more permanent stores. Thank goodness Charlotte opened as one of the last permanent stores!

Here's a link to the post:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl has only one full East Asian character, who is retired. I can't wait for Suzie "Z" Yang to come out!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who do you hope wins the Super Bowl?

MY ANSWER: FALCONS! FALCONS! I've never heard of the Falcons before, but they beat the Packers, and you must be really good to beat the Packers!

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