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The Teni Chronicles #2!

Teni forgot to write a Teni Chronicle yesterday! It's better late than never! Take it away, Teni!

The Long Journey- by Teni Grant

When I turned 10, I was teleported to China and made into a doll. My head was left unattached, to be attached when the boat landed in America. The boat ride, however, was long and boring. I was surrounded by other fellow Tenney heads and some Logan Everett heads. The other Tenneys were so mean to me. I didn't fit in with them, and the Logans either. One day, when we were in the middle of the sea, one Tenney head told me, "You are so ugly! And boring! And bland!" It fired me up so badly I refused to talk to anyone. That is when the fire in my head started. I was making sure I would be myself. Teni. The Logans were being all kissy and dating all the other Tenney heads, but none liked me. Eh, I have no time for boys anyway. I was so relieved when the boat landed in Middleton. No more mean Tenneys! I was taken in to this weird room, where I finally got my body back. But wait... they dressed me in a terrible girly outfit! That is pink! And, they put my hair in a hairnet! I was so mad when that happened. After that tragedy happened, I was put in a terrible box, with no air holes. The only interesting thing was a book- and I'm too small to read the book. Then, I was shipped out to North Carolina, and now I'm in a storage room- waiting for Thursday. The day where I will be free.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: This is the first time AG released 2 modern characters that have separate stories in one year.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you ship Tenney and Logan!

MY ANSWER: Yes! But Teni and Logan is my NOTP.

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