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Doll Of The Week: Molly! (Plus- Choose My New Doll!)

For this week's Doll of the Week, I selected Molly's name! Molly's photo will be on the AGDN header for a week (Feb. 26-Mar. 4)

I got Molly on Feburary 18, 2016 for winning a bet. (I told my dad, "I bet you a Molly doll that RandomHighSchooler and OtherHighSchooler will break up by Valentine's Day!" They did- but they got back together by the time Molly arrived. But she was there, so I still got Molly.)

Molly eats, sleeps and breathes Zootopia. So much, that this video happened:

And Molly wears contacts now because I lost her glasses.

BEEP! BEEP! New doll alert!

I have enough birthday money to buy a new doll! I have no clue who to get!

Here's the dolls I want:

#23- I've been wanting #23 because of photos I've seen of her on AGIG. She will be named Karia, and be #40's best friend.

#26- SHE IS BAE. Her name will be May.

#27- A #27 was in the Lost and Found from school this year. She was found on Friday, much to my disappointment. She shall be named Tess, and will be a friend of April's.

#33- HER HAIR IS LIFE. She shall be named Pansi (like the flower), and will be Ella's best friend.

#35- I've been wanting 35 since the summer. She shall be named Robin, and will be a British girl who is in Mayah's Adventure Club.

#40- I love #40's uniqueness! She shall be named Savannah, and she will have this story:

Savannah is a 12 year old girl who lives in Japan. Her life is uprooted when her parents decide to put her up for adoption in the United States. She then moves to Montana to live with the Williams family. Kaitlyn, her 10 year old sister, introduces her to the flute, which they soon use to speak to each other while Savannah learns English. Savannah discovers her talent for the instrument and soon joins the school orchestra, where she meets Karia Jerrings, her new best friend and Allie Benson, a girl who also moved from another country. Savannah soon gets made fun of because she can’t speak English that well, but once she plays a concert for the whole school, she and everyone else learns that they can connect, no matter what language they speak, with music.

#55- Kaitlyn, Savannah's sister.

#62- Allie, Savannah's friend.

What one should I get?

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