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Ivy Ling Coming Back???

This post is all about the possibility that Ivy Ling might be coming back. Here we go:

The rumors of American Girl rereleasing Ivy started when American Girl announced a new movie centering on Ivy titled Ivy And Julie: A Happy Balance.

Previously that day, a new gymnastics leotard leaked. Considering that this was a 70's style leotard and Ivy likes gymnastics, the AG fandom put two and two together and thought that Ivy was rereleasing.

All the hype of Ivy possibly rereleasing dyed down when the first pictures of a doll with permanent underwear and squishy vinyl leaked, and it seemed like they wouldn't bring her back when AG launched the #ChooseYourCharacter campaign.

But I think it might happen. Today is Ivy's assigned birth date, so AG posted this on their story:

I was really shocked when this post was put up, because AG never posts about dolls' birthdays- much less retired ones.

I came to the conclusion that AG has to be bringing back Ivy without a book. So, I emailed AG's customer service this:

"Will Ivy be coming back?"

I will update this post when they respond.

UPDATE: Someone asked AG the same question and they said this:

"Right now, we're not planning to bring Ivy back. But we learnt a long time ago never to say never.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is your best friend in the AG community?

MY ANSWER: diversedollies and Kailey. We video chat all of the time. It's amazing.

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