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WellieWishers Mega Bloks!

The WellieWishers are getting Mega Bloks sets of their own soon! Here are the debut sets:

Playful Playhouse: Includes Willa and Kendall minifigures- $29.99

Garden Theater: Includes Emerson mini figure- $19.99\

Cheerful Carriage: Includes Camille minifigure- $14.99

Willa's Carrot Hutch: Includes Willa minifigure- $9.99

Ashlyn's Garden Party- Includes Ashlyn minifigure: $9.99

There are also stand-alone figures of each WellieWisher for $3.99.

Has anyone noticed the blog's new look? Now you can like posts! Give this post a like for the Wellies!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION (if the comments work- I'm at school and I can't check): What Wellie Mega Blok set is your favorite?

MY ANSWER: The Garden Party one. I hope AG releases that for full-sized Wellies!

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