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American Girl Free Shipping!

American Girl is having free shipping for orders over $100 right now! The free shipping ends on March 26, 2017.

This offer excludes Maryellen's Diner, the Gourmet Kitchen Set, charges for gift cards, gift wrap, shipping and processing, and sales tax; Doll Hair Salon, Doll Hospital, Ear Piercing, or Hearing Aid services; parties, dining, and food purchases; Creativi-Tees™ and Truly Me™ Signature Studio purchases; Special Events tickets; American Girl® magazine subscriptions; items that already ship free; sales tax; and returns, exchanges, and requests for delayed shipping. This also can't be combined with other sales, such as the Buy 1 get 50% off doll outfit list, the clearance sale, and AG Rewards coupons.

Have fun shopping!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA:'s domain originally belonged to "Just Another American Girl".

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Sharing time! Share your blog, YouTube account, Instagram account, or whatever doll-related social media you may have!

MY ANSWER: Blog: You are on it right now!


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