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Nanea Mitchell is WHAT?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that AG has announced the first Hawaiian BeForever doll, Nanea Mitchell! But she might not be fully Hawaiian- read to find out what!

DollywoodDoodle on American Girl Collectors said that a AG employee said that Nanea is...... HAWAIIAN AND JAPANESE!!!???!!!

Well, we don't know how reliable AG employees are (cue "Molly's coming back" from that one AGP Charlotte employee when the store first opened), but it seems more realistic than, say Z being a Amazon exclusive. If this rumor is true, than Nanea's Japanese side will bring a lot to her story.


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Kanani was Hawaiian and Japanese! (and half white too)


MY ANSWER: Jingle bells, Snickerdoodle smells, Gabby all the way.

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