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One Girl's Wish Was To Go To The AG Headquarters.

A heartwarming story coming from the American Girl Doll News newsroom today!

Katie Adams, a 8 year old girl from Jasper, Alabama, was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September 2015. She has been cancer-free for nine months, so the Make A Wish Foundation of Alabama asked Katie what her wish was.

At first, she wanted to meet a certain celebrity, but then she thought of a article about a boy who became the "Chief Play Officer" at a toy store. Katie soon decided that she wanted to be the Chief Play Officer of American Girl.

And they made it happen.

On Wednesday, during a surprise celebration with Katie's friends at a local restaurant, Katie found out that her wish was becoming a reality! They even made a awesome cake for her.

Katie will spend four in Middleton, Wisconsin at American Girl. She is going to design clothes, take a tour and even see some of the unreleased stuff- maybe even GOTY 2018!

Have fun Katie!


COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could have one wish, what would it be?

MY ANSWER: For diabetes to be cured.

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