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The Teni Chronicles #5!

Teni is back!

Scans: By Teni Grant

One random day, I was randomly lounging on the couch. I was with my sister Jade, and she had full control over the television. She was on Netflix, trying to hook me into Miraculous Ladybug. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after two episodes, I was hooked! I said, "Thank you, Jade. I now finally have a use for my Netflix account." Jade replied, "Yeah. I don't know why our human created Netflix accounts for us all. But I like it!" (Note From Sydney: My dolls use my Netflix account IRL. Their accounts are just for the story.) As the theme song for the fifth episode today came on, Chrissa dashed into the room.

"Teni!", yelled Chrissa. "What?", I said.

"We got the results for your scans last week.", she said. "One of your tumors might be cancerous."

"We need to go to the ER right away."


MY ANSWER: Just Like You 49.

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