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WellieWishers on The UK!

The WellieWishers show is now showing on a children's channel in the United Kingdom, Tiny Pop!

Even though most of you guys live in America like me, we can still watch Tiny Pop here in the states! I'll embed a player to watch it here, and I'll post the schedule converted to Eastern time, which you can convert to your time zone. I'll also post the guides for the other time zones here.

Player not working? Here's the link:


Central time: Minus 1 hour]

Mountain time: Minus 2 hours

Pacific time: Minus 3 hours

Alaska time: Minus 4 hours

Hawaii time: Minus 5 hours


4:31 am

7:02 am

12:01 pm

3:01 pm

5:00 pm


4:32 am

12:00 pm

3:01 pm

5:00 pm

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: When can you watch the Wellie show?

MY ANSWER: I'm free all the weekend times except for 4:31 am, and I can watch at 5 pm on weekdays and 3 pm on half days! I'll be watching all the weekday times except for 4:32 am in the summer!

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