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You Pick My Next Doll!

For spring break, I'm going to McLean, Virginia and going to the two-story American Girl store there! It is officially known as American Girl Washington D.C, but it is a half hour away from actual D.C. I'm going to bring Emerson. You might be wondering, "Why are you only taking a WellieWisher, Sydney?"

Well, I got my holiday season money from the blog ads (which I usually save for college) and I made so much that....


I am so excited! But, I have three doll choices in mind. I really want all three, but I'm only buying one.

Doll 1- Truly Me #62

Spring Tyson would be her name.

Doll 2- Truly Me #26

Virginia McLean would be her name.

Doll 3- Truly Me #58

Madeline (Maddy for short) Carlton would be her name,

All the names are inspired by the city of McLean!

Spring is for the Spring Hill Recreation Center, where I will go to the playground there during my visit.

Tyson is for the Tyson Mall where the AG store is,

Virginia is for the state it's in,

McLean is the city name.

Madeline was the name of a closed nail salon me and Mom were looking at- we thought it was still open until we went on Yelp!

Carlton is for the Ritz-Carlton, where me and mom were looking for pedicures- and decided not to go because just a basic pedicure was a price of a WellieWisher plus five bucks more!

Who should I get? Comment the name, number or first name inspiration of the doll to be included in the vote.

Or use this poll!

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