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Doll Of The Week: Amelia!

For this week's Doll of the Week, I selected Amelia's name! Amelia's photo will be on the AGDN header for a week (Feb. 26-Mar. 4)

This is Amelia's backstory:

Amelia is a 12 year old girl from a military family who loves math, science and hockey. She loves her soldier mother dearly, but she’s all the way in Iraq. The two are inseparable via FaceTime contact, but when her mother is killed in battle, Amelia faces a big change in her life. With hockey season swinging up and the death of her mom, she feels more stressed than she needs to be. But then she and her three best friends from all the areas of her life think of a great idea to help Amelia cope- donating to the troops.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Only 3 of the original 20 Truly Me dolls remain.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have any retried TM dolls?

MY ANSWER: I have Amelia (#2) and Rose (#36). I both got them from the Online Doll Orphanage- eBay.

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