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Gabriela Speaks Out + AG Book News!

DISCLAIMER: Scholastic sent me free products in exchange for an honest review.

Scholastic knows me too well.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on Gabriela Speaks Out, the second book in Gabriela's series, and the free book they sent me was (surprise)... Gabriela Speaks Out!

I am so happy! The review will be up tonight, but first, here's the press stuff they sent me to share:

And now, for something truly exciting....

I got a 2017 book pamphlet...


Here it is... 3... 2.... 1....

Oops! At least there's news of boxed sets here...

KERPLUNK! Also, if you can't read images, it says that Book 2 of Like Sisters is coming in March 2018 and Book 3 is coming in September 2018!

Here's it cropped:

There's also some news about books coming out in 2018:

Starting in 2018, nonfiction chapter books and biography readers will be added to the program. Nonfiction content will be paired alongside favorite American Girl historical characters in the chapter book series, while the biography readers will introduce girls to influential historical woman.

One last thing before I go up to my room and start reading: a release calendar for 2017!

Bang! Kaboom!

I'm going to start reading now, bye!

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