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Doll Of The Week: Gwen!

It's time for Doll of the Week! This week, it's Gwen!

Gwen is one of Chrissa's best friends. Chrissa was the Girl of the Year 2009.

Long story short, I got Gwen for really cheap off Facebook last summer but I had to wait until the end of September 2016 to get her in reality because of this behavior reward system I used to have before my parents decided that our house was getting too expensive and we needed to move to a less expensive neighborhood. So, on September 30, 2016, I got Gwen!

Gwen is the shy, artsy type. She also likes tennis and hard gym coaching (see why below):

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Gwen was the first Truly Me doll to be turned into a character.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could make 1 Truly Me doll a character, who would you make?

MY ANSWER: #48. I need her. SHE IS SO CUTE!

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