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We Are Special.

Today was a pivotal day in the history of Special Dolls. If you have no clue what Special Dolls is, let me explain to you. It's a doll line of dolls with disabilities, made by a girl with a disability (me) for girls with and without disabilities. I'm hoping for a Winter 2017/2018 release date, but today sparked an idea for a marketing campaign.

I was walking in the hall, and this one kid said to his friend loud enough so that the whole hall could hear:

"Sydney's r-word." (I'm not sharing the R word with you guys because it's a curse word meaning to hurt people with disabilities and I know kids younger than me read this blog, but you can look it up if you really want to. Just never say it.)

I was hurt. I was frustrated. I was worried. I was offended.

But then I decided to put kind words describing each doll on the packaging of Special Dolls. Words like brave, smart, kind, amazing, respectful, intelligent, hard worker.

Not weird, ugly, strange, freak, gross, loser.

And definitely not r-word.

But most of all, special.

Because every one of us, if we care for people with disabilities, are special.

And you care for me, because you're reading this post and me, a person with Asperger's and diabetes, wrote it.

So you're special.

We're all special.

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