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Truly Me Retirement Rumors

We have hot-off-the-press news about some Truly Me dolls retiring. Here we go:

First of all, Truly Me #33 is on "Limited Quantities" in the American Girl site. This isn't an exact sign of retirement because Truly Me #66 was on Limited Quantities during the holidays last year and she's still available, but it's good just to post just to make sure.

Lastly, Truly Me #30 was both missing from the Charlotte store (source: myself) and the Houston store (source: AGRainbows5) and is also nowhere to be found on the Canadian site for AG. This is a more radical sign for retirement for #30, especially because she is similar to Z.

Also, Logan is on backorder until May 19, but he is so popular that I don't think he's retiring.

AD: New videos from the SM Network!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Favorite retired doll that you don't have?

MY ANSWER: Kailey story-wise, but I'm falling head-over-heels for #10!

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