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New American Girl News/Rumors

VixensFolly on AGPT visited the American Girl store in Nashville and found this out from a employee:

-Z is selling well in the Nashville store, so much that there are only 5 Z dolls left in the entire store!

-Nashville sold out of Z's Filming Accessories, Z's Accessories and Z's Scooter.

-The real reason for permapanties- AG IS GOING INTERNATIONAL! They need to stand up to foreign toy requirements, and permapanties was a way to do so.

-Gabriela was originally supposed to get a movie for a Summer 2017 release, but the movie was cancelled for some reason. (NO!)

-Tenney movie is in production! (Grab your cheese, bagels with cream cheese, ham and cheese sandwiches and extra cheese pizza, because this is gonna be one cheesy movie!)

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Welcome to the Tenney Movie Cheese Restaurant! We serve cheese, butter, bagels with cream cheese, ham and cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese pizzas. What would you like?

MY ANSWER: Everything!

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