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Meet Alyson! + New Movie Announcement

I got a new doll. I know I just got Libby, but it's a long story:

When I got Libby, I was going to use my gift card from the film festival, but then I found in my diabetes kit that there was more than enough to buy Libby, so I used the cash in my kit for Libby. I then decided I'd look for a #43 on eBay. I have always loved #43, and I was devastated and angry at myself for not getting her when I found out she retired. I found a perfect, new in the box Truly Me #43 for less than she was at AG, so my film festival money went towards her.

She arrived today. Everyone, meet Alyson:

If you read the title, you can see that this post is also a New Movie Announcement. I'll start working on it this weekend, so after my next stop motion, my channel will just be animation and MMCAD Season 5 (premiering in 2 weeks!) because of New Summer Movie 2017 filming.

My True Home:

13-year-old Alyson Parker does not have an average life. First, at school, she feels more at home than her actual home- her parents have been treating her like a toy ever since she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Second of all, type 1 diabetes has been getting worse and worse for Alyson. With all of her medical supplies, a couple changes of clothes and her leotard, she flees her home for her best friend, McKenna's house. Alyson tries her best to start a fresh new life, and even becomes a famous ballerina in the process. Did Alyson find her true home?

It will release on July 25, 2017.

P.S: I'm loving all of your stories. The only time I reject stories is when the character already has a story (unless it is a historical gone modern or a modern gone historical story). Don't get discouraged if you don't see it right away, I usually update the page between 4 and 9 pm EST every day. I'm actually updating it right after I post this!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who's hyped for My True Home?

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