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Libby's Life Chapter 2

Welcome to Chapter 2 of this amazing series written by @TheSchulyerDolls and I!

Chapter 2- I Have What?

I woke up,sun shining through the blinds. A breath of relief filled me. It was just a dream! I quickly started to notice that the sheets were not mine. This pillow wasn’t mine either! Somebody walked into the strange room. They rushed out immediately after seeing me. She and two familiar faces came into the room. I wanted to yell my parents names but I couldn’t seem to widen my mouth. I asked “Where am I and what happened to me?”. The nurse roasted me and said, “What the heck, why did you eat that cheesecake? You know you are salicylate intolerant, right?” My jaw dropped. I didn’t know what salicylate intolerance was. I never heard of it, right until this very moment. And now I’m supposed to have it? What the heck was going on with the nurse’s minds? “What is salicylate intolerance?”, I asked, worried. The nurse gave the other one a sharp look and said, “Salicylate intolerance is when you are allergic to salicylates. Here’s a food guide for reference.” I looked at the food guide’s cover for one second and sharply opened it up. It had a chart. I flipped to the fruits section and looked at the “Very High” section. All dried fruit. I could live with that. Apricot. Avocado. I looked down to the Rs to see what happened at the Cheesecake Factory. Raisins. Raspberries. Then it hit me why I had the reaction.

I was allergic to raspberries.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Submitted by Yousef- Pleasant Rowland purchased the classic mold for a German doll company called Gotz

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Submitted by Awesome Alpaca AG- Who is your favorite retired historical?

MY ANSWER: I really love Cecile and want her, but Molly is a favorite too!

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