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American Girl Spring Sale!

Gold and Berry Members of AG Rewards have first access to the American Girl Spring Sale starting today! When you order from the sale as an AG Rewards Member, you get double the rewards points- awesome! The sale claims that it goes up to 60% off and it ends May 31. Here's the link to look at the prices and everything:

-LEA'S ENTIRE COLLECTION! (Minus the doll, pajama set and kayak)

-The Lea craft kit that was sold in Costco last year.

-Lea and Grace mini dolls with three-book sets.

-The Salon Stylist Set, Starry Styling Set, Hair Care Kit, Stylin' Bangs and Double Braid Headband

-Dining Table And Chairs and Table Accessories

-Slow Cooker Dinner Set

-School Locker Set

-Allergy Free Lunch

-Doll School Read and Create Kit

-Doodle Backpack Set

-Collections of Mix and Match June 2016 stuff:

1- Two-Tone Sneakers, Pretty Plaid Shirt, Side Cinch Tank, Purple Play Shorts and Star Quilt Skirt

2- Hooded Denim Jacket, Kitten Sweater, Indigo Bubble Dress, Coral Skinny Pants, Silver-Print Cat Tee, Playful Print Skirt and Star Quilt Skirt

3- Silver-Print Cat Tee, Indigo Bubble Dress, Side Cinch Tank, Star Quilt Skirt, Purple Play Shorts

4- Indigo Bubble Dress, Side Cinch Tank, Star Quilt Skirt, Coral Skinny Pants

5- Kitten Sweater, Indigo Bubble Dress, Bright Stripes Flats, Purple Play Shorts, Playful Print Skirt, -LOTS OF TM clothing for girls.

-The camping stuff from 2014. (Tent, grill)

-Sleepover stuff for girls.

-TM Horses!

-The fold out bed from 2015.

-Western Plaid Outfit, Tennis Outfit, Soccer Team Outfit, Recess Ready Outfit, Seaside Fun Outfit, Cool Coral Outfit, Coconut Cutie Outfit, Pretty Plie Ballet Outfit, Sparkle Spotlight Outfit, Summer Hoodie Set, Starry Hoodie Outfit, Petals And Plaid PJs, School Stripes Dress, 2-in-1 Cheer Gear, Karate Class Set, Swim Shirt With Shorts, Boho Beachy Swimsuit, Sparkle Sweater Outfit, Sparkly Skating Set, Golden Sparkle Outfit, Joyful Jewels Outfit, Soft As Snow Outfit, Winter White Outfit, Red Hearts Ruffle Outfit, Fancy Frost Ballgown, Santa Dress, Valentine Gift Set, Samantha's Flower Picking Outfit, Kit's Holiday Outfit, Samantha's Fancy Coat Set, Samantha's Frilly Frock, Josefina's Feast Outfit, Addy's Sunday Best, Josefina's Holiday Outfit,

-Pretty City Carriage!

-TM pets: Kitten, Coconut and Corgi Puppy

-Some pet beds, collars, leashes and outfits.

-The Pink and Heart Tank and Brief sets.

-Rainy Day Set

-Some TM small accessories. (Rings, purses, shoes, glasses, earrings, jackets)

-Doll clothes hangers! -Birthday Accessories!

-Swim Tote and Gear

-Holiday Accessories from 2015

-Samantha's Bike!

-Kit and Julie's lunch sets

-Julie's Dog Walking Set

-Julie's bunny, Nutmeg

-Josefina's Hairstyling Set

-Kit's School Supplies

-Lots of BeForever clothing for girls

-Felicity and Saige mini dolls

-Bitty Baby outfits and changing table

-Bitty Twins Snack Set

-Isabelle, Grace and Lea girl's clothing

-Baking with Grace, Doll Boutique and Doll Art Studio craft sets

-American Girl Birthday Party goody bag

-Lots of American Girl store star tees!

-Doll Travel and Doll Star books

-Caroline boxed set

-The last four Felicity Pre-BeForever books

-Some Pre-BeForever mysteries

If you made it to the end, here's the link to get a free parking lot courtesy of AGDN Parking Lots!:

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Submitted by AJ- Lindsey, girl of the year 2001 was around until Kailey became girl of the year in 2003.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Submitted by Awesome Alpaca AG: What is your favorite song?

MY ANSWER: Something Just Like This or The Nerve from Tenney's series.

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