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Samantha Inspires a Seven-Year-Old to Help Out Animals

One girl is doing a lot of good for the animals at her local animal shelter. She helped out with food, toys and medical expenses for the animals.

And she was inspired by our favorite tree-climbing orphan.

According to the New Haven Register, seven-year old Eloise Mackell was "inspired to (help out the animals) when reading an American Girl book and one of the characters gave her doll to another child who didn’t have a doll."

This, like us American Girl superfans can tell, is referencing to Meet Samantha (now Manners and Mischief), when Samantha gives the expensive doll that she wanted to resemble her late mother to who would later become her best friend, Nellie.

This shows that even though AG is marketing the dolls more than the books, they are inspiring lots of girls to help others out.

In Eloise's case, she decided to sell her artwork to help out animals at a local shelter. She raised $450. Some of the money went to giving the animals toys and food, but the rest helped with medical expenses.

Great job, Eloise! Samantha would be proud.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Submitted by AGPuppyBliss: Felicity was the first doll without bangs.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Has any AG dolls inspired you to do something?

MY ANSWER: Lea inspired me to fight to save a local forest from being torn down. I didn't win, sadly.

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