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I Have A Secret.

I have a secret that only my real life friends and my closest internet friends know about. It has been stressing me for a long time. It's the real reason I'm moving houses. It's why I go to the American Girl store every weekend. It's where I am when I claim "I'm at a sleepover." It's why you never see photos of Smores. It's the reason why Special Dolls is taking longer than expected to develop. I hate this fact so much, but I decided that because I don't have many in real life friends, I needed to share this to you so I could have someone to talk to about all of my stress. I think it would help, because blogging helps relieve my stress. And now here's a photo of Libby so you have to scroll down longer and hit Read More to know my secret.

OK, keep scrolling...

My parents are divorced.

Shocker, right? Well, this all started a couple years back when my parents were fighting every day. It stressed everyone so much, so Mom and Dad decided to get divorced last year. Over a year ago, my dad moved out of my house and it hurt so badly because I love him. Things just started feeling different. Then the big bangs hit when Dad got a new dog, Smores, and I started having to visit him every weekend. And then my house went for sale. And then- yep, you're reading this correctly- I had to move some of my dolls to Dad's house.

I really have 57 dolls, but 41 are at my house and 16 are at Dad's.

It hurts so much. I'm glad now I can talk to you guys when I'm stressed out about divorce stuff. Now you understand what I'm going through.

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