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Libby's Life- Chapter 4!

This chapter was written entirely by Katie of @theschulyerdolls.

When we got home,I was escorted to my room by my older sister Nellie.Nellie and my parents were downstairs cleaning out the kitchen and labeling the cabinets for the things I can and can’t eat.I pulled out my laptop and searched up “Recipes using negligible-low salicylate level foods”I pulled up the first and only website,which revealed the text “Sorry,this page is under construction”.”COME ON!I CAN’T JUST STARVE!”I yelled in my head.Then I had an idea.How about I make my own salicylate-intolerant safe meal bundles?

I would call it: Libster’s. Wait no-How about I include activities with it?Mad Libbies?YES!I rushed downstairs and swung open the door to the garage and gathered up the boxes.I set them up on the table and went over to the pantry to wheel out my art caddy. I found some floral-print letter stickers and arranged some to form the word Libster’s. I repeated that with all of the boxes.Now that the packaging for my business was complete,I went and found a online receipt maker.I bookmarked the website on my phone.

WOAH DOING BUSINESS IS COMPLICATED!I thought.Now it’s time to price the meals.I would price a one day pack (breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,dinner,and a bedtime snack,along with refreshments) for $5 each box,and I would price individuals $0.25-$0.50 for an individual snack,and $1.50 for singular meals,and last but not least,one drink (regular plastic water bottle size) for $0.75.That’ll definitely encourage people to buy the $5.00 Libster day bundle.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Submitted by Thirteenlovelydolls- Many people on ag tube say they want Elizabeth to come back.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Submitted by Gracie Brown- Do you have any type of disability? (autism, wheel chair, glasses, hearing aid, Asperger, diabetes, you name it!)

MY ANSWER: I wear glasses, and I have type 1 diabetes and Asperger's.

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