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Libby's Life Chapter Six!

Now it’s time to make the activities! The mad libbies of course. I looked at the stack of paper and markers that was waiting for me on the table, and worked away, making bad drawings for coloring sheets. After the fifth sheet, I decided that I needed to make the mad libbies online because I didn’t have artistic talent. I used Wordpad for the mad libs, they were themed after my diagnosis of salicylate intolerance,with spaces for the blanks. I concluded that I would just print out random coloring pages, for both kids and adults. I was satisfied when all of the coloring sheets spit out of the printer. Libster’s was going to be a big success!

SHOUTOUT TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE NO-PERMAPANTIES PARTY: Gracie Brown, Khloe, Awesome Alpaca AG, theschulyerdolls, HiImAwesome and Brittany!

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