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Libby Chapter Six

I actually called Chapter 5 Chapter 6 last week! But this is the real Chapter 6. Enjoy!

Time to make the actual meals!I started by making snacks.Celery with hazelnut butter that was salicylate free.I made plenty of those and packed them into bags.I decided to make the breakfast,which was bagels with cream cheese spread.I put those in ziploc baggies and moved onto the lunch.Salad, of course salicylate-free.Iceberg lettuce with red and brown lentils topped with lime juice and golden delicious apples.It would be fresh of course,but I just made the recipe beforehand.The next snack I made was homemade caramel.I decided to bottle up the drinks,which were cow milk,homemade pear juice and ovaltine.Finally it was time for dinner.I decided to make non-processed meat and cheese meals.For a bedtime snack,I put papaya into a bag and put all the food that needed to keep fresh in the fridge or freezer.

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