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New American Girl Mega Construx Sets!

I found some new AG Mega Construx sets on the Mega Brands site! Here we go:

Mia's Skating Rink:

I love this! It will be simple enough for me to build and remind me of my Mia at Dad's house.

Isabelle's Dance Studio:

I love this too! Isabelle's outfit is so stylish. But it makes me wish I didn't lose Isabelle's highlights. (tear)

McKenna's Gymnastics Competition with Toulane:

This is so cute! It reminds me of a Lego Friends set I used to have.

Grace's 2-in-1 Day in Paris with Sylvie:

I like this! It's so adorable, and I wanted to see a bike in Grace's 18 inch collection, so this fits the bill nicely.

Lea's 2-in-1 Animal Sanctuary with Camila:

This is so magnificent! I'm a bit sad that Camila looks nothing like book Camila, though.

Saige's Balloon Festival

The balloon is so cute!

That's all I could find, folks.

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