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Libby's Life: Chapter 8!

I was about to give up,until Nellie came back with a girl my age. She seemed familiar, maybe from my school? ”Hey lil sis! This is Emerald. She’s like you!”, Nellie exclaimed excitedly. What do you mean “like me”? Nellie went on. ”She recently was adopted by the Wilsons, our neighbors across the street." So? I thought. Just because she was adopted doesn’t make her all the way like me. I was about to speak my mind until Nellie said ”She is salicylate-intolerant, and the Wilsons can’t afford to feed her the right things, so she was sent with $15 to buy meals for her for three full days +.” I gasped.I quickly packed three boxes and gave it to Emerald. She handed me the $15 and her face showcased pure joy. She said a big “THANK YOU!”to us and headed off. ”Seems like she bought your whole shop, Libster.” Nellie said. ”I guess so!”, I excitedly said.

Maybe today wasn’t that bad after all.

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