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Libby's Life: Chapter 10

Just a heads up, my family is having a garage sale today so I won't be that active. But in other news, yesterday was my last day of school! I am now free and a seventh grader! Here's the SM Network Awards for this year:

Now, here's your Saturday morning dose of Libby:

"How can this stupid advocate program meant to help people,make countless people go hungry? Well,I can’t help everybody. At least Emerald is like me. Emerald has three meals for Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. Then it hit me.Instead of my gourmet Libster’s Boxes, how about I head over to her house and give her some salicylate free ingredients? I didn’t know her address, but Nellie did. I didn’t really want to approach her. Scratch that, I thought. This is an opportunity to get to know her. I knocked on the door. ”Who’s there?” said Nellie. ”Libby” I said in a small voice.”Come in Libster!”she excitedly said.”So Libster,what brings you here?” Nellie asked. ”I was wondering where Emerald lives.”I said, straightening my back. ”Oh,she lives across the street,on Purple Rain Drive. 1835 Purple Rain Drive to be exact.” Nellie said quickly. ”Ok Nellie!” Emerald, here I come.

Lastly, before I hit Publish, you'll only understand what I'm about to say if you watched the 2017 SM Network Awards.


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