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AGDN Comment Rules

Here is the full list of rules for AGDN commenting:

-No personal information allowed in your comments. This includes last name, address, phone number, school, and whatnot. Only birthdays, first names and cities or states or countries are allowed.

-No spam! The only place where you can put your website is the Website section on the comment, and it must be a doll-related website.

-No politics. Do not say what candidates or parties you support, or if you support the President, Prime Minister or whatnot of your country.

-No fighting. We want AGDN to be a peaceful site full of doll leaks, and we don't want drama.

-No cursing. You can curse all you want on your site, YouTube or Instagram, but save the cursing for those places when you comment on AGDN. If you use impolite language, it must be PG or G-rated language. And I don't mean PG, as in like all PG. I mean modern PG. This site is by a kid for kids.

-No bullying. We want AGDN to be a happy, drama-free place.

-No spoiled comments when I get a new doll. I give back a lot and have medical problems.

If you do this from now on, you will have a five-strike thing:

First-timers: warning

Second-timers: blocked from commenting for a day

Third-timers: blocked from commenting for a week

Fourth-timers: blocked from commenting for a month

Fifth-timers: blocked from commenting permanently

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