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Petition- Get American Girl Experiences in Temporary Stores!

When the Detroit American Girl temporary store opened on 6/24/17, I was shocked to learn that there was no doll hair salon. It was disappointing in 2014 when I learned that the temporary stores had no bistros, but I understood because you had to get lots of licenses to serve food. But in previous years, temporary stores had doll hair salons. It is a magical feeling to watch your doll's hair done, and delight in your doll's new hearing aids or earrings. Ever since temporary stores started in 2014, they have also not have had Creativi-tees, a way to send dolls to the doll hospital, return services or birthday parties. Even stores with no bistros have birthday party services after-hours! When Pleasant Rowland created the vision for the store, she came up with it not just being a store- an experience also. With the removal of the doll hair salon, though, the temporary stores are just stores. Please sign this petition to convince American Girl to give experiences to the temporary stores- to create more memories.

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