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American Girl NYC "Store of the Future"!

American Girl now has a page up about the new NYC "Store of the Future" on Rockefeller Plaza! Here's the things you can expect when it opens:

-It will open in November! I don't have a closing date for the old NYC store on Fifth Avenue yet.

-AG will have a salon for girls in addition to the Doll Hair Salon! They offer ten hairstyles for girls, girl ear piercing (like the Chicago location), and a girl mini-manicure, along with the standard Doll Hair Salon services. Reservations are required for the girl hair salon.

-The store will offer lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and brunch. There is a new menu item, Nanea's Pig-In-A-Blanket.

-The store will also offer the Create Your Own experience, the Signature Studio, personal shoppers, and a package check service!

Who's excited! I am even though I'll probably never go!

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