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New AG Books! WellieWishers And More!

Lucille alerted me that there were new AG books up for preorder! Thanks a bunch Lucille!

The first three are WellieWishers beginner level 2 books based on the WellieWishers animated series, written by Judy Katschke. They will all release on January 30, 2018. The first one is called Willa's Butterfly Ballet, and is based off the Butterfly Ballet episode of WellieWishers.

"Join the WellieWishers as they imagine, sing, dream and discover just what it takes to be kind. When the WellieWishers step into their colorful garden boots, they're ready for anything--stomping in muddy puddles, dancing with fireflies, and navigating the ins and outs of friendship through play and imagination. In the garden, Camille stumbles upon the strangest-looking leaves. But Willa knows they are not leaves at all--they are chrysalises. And out of the chrysalises will come five butterflies, one for each WellieWisher! The girls are so excited and decide to make costumes and perform a special Butterfly Ballet to greet the new butterflies. But when Willa's wings get muddy and broken, she's too disappointed to participate. Can her friends convince her it's ok to not be perfect? This Level 2 beginning reader is based on the bestselling American Girl: WellieWishers dolls and the charming animated series on Amazon. Includes collectible paper dolls."