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American Girl Back-to-School Pack!

There is a 15-pack American Girl back-to-school pack for sale at Sams Club! They come in three different colors and cost $34.99.


Go back to school in style with American Girl! This 15-piece set is the answer to all of your back to school needs. Be unstoppable with your trendy American Girl set–each contains a colorful backpack, lunch tote, pencil pouch and water bottle, plus matching school supplies (including folders, a clipboard, and three mechanical pencils) to make schoolwork a breeze. Choose from three exciting colors, each with a print as unique as you! Recommended ages 8+.


  • Includes a backpack, lunch tote, pencil pouch, water bottle, notebook, folders, mechanical pencils, notepad, clipboard, eraser, ruler and pencil sharpener

  • Choose from a selection of three different colors–pink, purple or turquoise

  • Backpack and lunch tote made of high-quality materials and feature fun, girly prints

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