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Create Your Own Release Date!

MIDDLETON, Wis., July 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Calling all young designers! For the first time ever, girls can now customize and design their very own Truly Me™ doll from head to toe, along with doll- and girl-sized apparel, using American Girl's new Create Your Own online experience. Using the new online tool, girls can tap into their creative side and design the American Girl doll of their dreams from an array of never-before-released choices and over one million possible design combinations. The new premium experience will go live on August 8, 2017, at and at American Girl's flagship retail locations in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. 

"For years, girls have asked for even more ways to customize their American Girl dolls and other products to better reflect their individuality and style," said Katy Dickson, president of American Girl. "We're thrilled to answer that call with this unparalleled design experience. The level of choice and creativity being offered, coupled with American Girl's trademark quality and attention to detail, sets Create Your Own apart from anything else like it on the market today." To create their special One of a Kind doll, girls have all the available design options right at their fingertips—face molds, skin tones and freckles, eye and hair colors, hair textures, new cuts and styles—along with special extras like earrings, hearing aids, glasses or sunglasses, and braces. To complete the personalization, girls can choose from one of six exclusive outfits and accessory sets specifically created for their One of a Kind dolls. In addition to the custom doll, outfit, and accessory set, the collection includes a personalized keepsake box, a certificate to create a custom doll T-shirt, and a free six-month subscription to American Girl® magazine. Price for the entire assortment is $200 and includes free shipping. Beyond the custom doll, girls can also use the Create Your Own experience to design their own One of a Kind doll outfits and girl-sized products. The six design options include a doll tunic and leggings, a doll dress, a doll sport set, a doll tee, a girl tee, or a girl backpack. And, with a vast selection of themes, colors, patterns, and prints to choose from through the Create Your Own online tool, girls can tailor their creations to showcase their design talents and original style. Watch the following video demonstration to learn how to create your very own One of a Kind Truly Me doll and apparel: To learn more about the Create Your Own experience, go to, Facebook at, Twitter at, Pinterest at, and American Girl's Instagram page at To request an American Girl catalogue, call 1-800-845-0005. 

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