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How Long Does It Take For Create Your Own Dolls To Ship?

American Girl confirmed how long it would take for a Create Your Own doll to ship on their Facebook page:

"We can let you know it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for orders with a Create Your Own doll."

So I made a holiday chart for when to order your doll to get her in time by a specific holiday! I put 6 weeks before the day on the requirement day just in case there's a holiday Create Your Own rush- I predict that Create Your Own will be the most popular AG dolls this holiday season!

-If you order on release day (August 8), she'd come around September 5-September 24.

-If you want a doll in time for Halloween, order on or before September 18.

-If you want a doll in time for Thanksgiving, order on or before October 13.

-If you want a doll in time for Hanukkah, order on or before November 14.

-If you want a doll in time for Christmas, New Year's or Kwannza, order on or before November 27.

Hope this helped!

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