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Nanea Pre-Order!

Nanea is out for AG Rewards members online!

Here is the photos of her AG Rewards collection:

This is the stock photo of Nanea herself:

Nanea's Tropical PJs- $24- A floral-print top with a keyhole neckline and gathered sleeves, and matching cropped pants.

Nanea's Hula Outfit- $36- A strapless top, a faux-ti-leaf skirt, a lei po’o for her head, a lei made of faux plumeria bloom, two kupe’e leis for her wrists, and two ‘uli’uli, pretend gourds she holds during the dance and shakes for rhythm.

Nanea's Dog, Mele- $22- Nanea’s scruffy poi dog, Mele, has sweet brown eyes and soft gray fur.

Nanea's Accessories- Includes a necklace, handbag, envelope and letter, pretend ID, ID pouch, and pretend money.

She is so pretty! I can't wait to get her!

Just some info you'd want to know about Nanea- Her full name is Alice Nanea Mitchell, her mom is Hawaiian and her dad is white.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What state does your first Historical, GOTY or Contemporary Character live?

MY ANSWER: I'm doing all three- my first historical, Julie, lives in California, my first GOTY, Nicki, lives in Colorado, and my first Contemporary Characters, Tenney and Logan, both live in Tennesee.

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