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60 Minute Short Stories: Grace And The Fireants

This is the first story in my 60 Minute Short Stories series, where I challenge myself to write a short story in 60 minutes or less- from idea to finished story. This story took 55 minutes and 49 seconds to write, taking the cake for fastest story as of now- because it's the first one. Enjoy!

Grace was having a great day at her grandparent’s bakery, La Grande Patisserie. She saved it from being closed down when she was 10 after giving the bakery a makeover inspired by her little baking business with her friends Maddy and Ella, La Petite Patisserie. Grace visited her uncle’s real French bakery in Paris when she came with her mom for summer vacation, and she came home with a puppy- and an idea for a business! Grace smiled as she saw the bakery full of customers eating her French treats. The French treats and look gave her grandparent’s bakery a unique flair compared to their competitor, a supermarket bakery.

As Grace was taking the view all in, Maddy walked in to where Grace was and said, “Grace, we have a big order to fill!” Grace smiled and ran to the kitchen’s section when she and her friends baked. When she arrived, Ella’s face went from a neutral expression to a shocked face. Grace said, “What, Ella?” Ella replied, “This person wants 500 macarons for a corporate party, for General Electric in Boston!” Grace was shocked, and so was Maddy. Maddy said, “We’ll be busy!” Lots of thoughts were going through Grace’s head. A big company like General Electric, wanted their treats- 500 of them! Grace quickly asked, “When’s the party?” Ella scrolled down the order and exclaimed, “TOMORROW! So we need to deliver it to the General Electric headquarters by 7 pm sharp tonight. And it is- 1 PM!”

Grace knew what to do. She made Ella’s dad, Mr. Petronia, in charge of getting people their food and the money, and made her grandparents come to the kitchen with her friends. “Grace, what’s the matter?”, asked Grace’s grandparents. Grace replied, “General Electric wants 500 macarons. Tonight! At 7!” Ella chimed in, “We need to be done by 6:30. They’re 30 minutes away.” Grace then looked at her friends, and without another word, went on her pink tablet and looked up the recipe for macarons. Maddy and Ella then got out the ingredients.



“Almond flour?”


“Egg whites?”


“Cream of tartar?” “Check.”



“Vanilla extract?”



“Check!” “Ok, we’re ready to go!”

The girls and Grace’s grandparents then went to work. In one large bowl, everyone took turns adding ingredients, mixing, operating the pastry bag and putting large sets of 25 macarons each in the oven. They had to do it 20 times, so it was tough work to do. Grace was doing most of the work out of the three friends. Maddy stirred here and there, but she was mostly playing on Snapchat. Ella worked more than Maddy, but took 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes. Everything was going smoothly… until….

Grace was pouring almond flour into the bowl when the flour didn’t make it to the bowl! Instead, it went straight on the floor, which attracted a swarm of fire ants. The fire ants were eating the flour, and then went on the legs of the table. They were going up and up and up on the legs, until the army of maybe 200 fire ants made it on the table, and then the bowl. Pretty soon, all the batter was eaten by the fire ants. Grace was so angry, she opened the door, got on her bike and started biking away and crying.

Maddy and Ella noticed that Grace was upset, and saw her biking past the bakery. They ran to the door, got their bikes and started trying to catch up to Grace. Grace, though, was way faster than Maddy or Ella. Whenever Maddy or Ella were getting close to Grace, she pedaled faster and faster. Maddy and Ella were right by Grace when Grace tried to go faster, but she couldn’t and fell off her bike.

Tears were falling off of Grace’s face. Her freckles were drenched, and her legs were bleeding. “Great!”, exclaimed Grace. “Nothing’s going right today.” Maddy said, “I know that today’s really stressful on you, and I’m so sorry I haven’t been working on the macarons.” Ella added, “I’m sorry, too. I should’ve worked harder. Forget the macarons. We’ll do it all for you.” Grace beamed. “Really? But I need to work too.” Then Maddy said, “We can do it as a team effort.” Grace was really happy, and so was Maddy and Ella. Bleeding leg and all, Grace and her friends rode their bikes slowly back to the bakery.

When the three friends arrived back to the bakery, they were surprised. Grace’s grandparents had finished all the macarons! Maddy and Ella were really happy, but Grace wasn’t. “Why did you do all of them?”, asked Grace. Grace’s grandma said, “We had help from all the customers here.” Grace smiled and said, “We need to deliver these now.”

When the three friends arrived at the General Electric office, a lady was smiling at the front desk. Grace said, “Hi. We’re from La Grande Patisserie. Here are your macarons.”, and handed the lady the macarons. The lady said, “These look very yummy! Thank you!”, and handed the girls $200 in cash.

The next day, a man went to the counter and asked for Grace. Grace ran back to the counter and said, “Hi!” The man said, “Hi. Thanks for the macarons. They were a big hit at the party!” Grace smiled and said, “Thank you.” The man then added, “We’re having another party in a month. Can we have the same order delivered to us in a month?” Grace said, “Sure!” But in the back of her mind, she thought, “Let’s hope the ants don’t show up again.”

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