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60 Minute Short Stories: Tenney's Concert

This is another 60 Minute Short Story! I wrote it in 50 minutes and 10 seconds. Here it is:

Tenney’s Concert

By Sydney Jean

Crowds were packing the Bridgestone Arena by storm. A sold out crowd ran through the doors an hour before the concert was supposed to start, taking their seats. All of Nashville was really excited- they were going to see the one, the only Belle Starr! But out of all the girls in Tennessee in the arena, one was really nervous. One’s heart was pounding. One’s stomach was in knots. One was really anxious. This one girl, her name was Tennyson Evangeline Grant.

Tennyson, or Tenney as she went by, was backstage, warming up and playing her guitar. Behind her, was Logan Everett, the other member of her band- Tenney and Logan. “Cause I’m chasing this dream, of mine! I just need someone who believes! Someone who believes!”, the two sang together. Logan then said, “Tenney, you sound a bit off. What’s wrong?” Tenney then replied, “Sorry. Sore throat. Probably from singing all day.” Tenney and Logan were opening for Belle Starr, and they went to all the children’s hospitals in Nashville to perform earlier that day. But Logan knew it wasn’t just sore throat that Tenney was dealing with. Logan knew in his heart that Tenney was nervous.

Logan was right. Right after practice, Tenney went to the backstage bathroom and picked up her pink-cased phone. She dialed a number, and then she talked to somebody. She said, “Thousands are here. What if I mess up? What if I humiliate myself? What if Tenney and Logan is over- for good- because of this one concert?” Logan was really worried about his bandmate- one of his best friends. So he got up and went to the bathroom right next to Tenney. Tenney then said, “Thanks Portia, but it’s still a bit nerve-wracking. I wish you could make it, but I know tickets sold out quicker than you expected. Bye.” At this point, Tenney was in tears. The tears went from her face to touching her glittery sandals. Logan felt really bad for Tenney, to the point where he got a bit nervous too. But not for himself- for Tenney.

A half hour before the concert, Tenney was doing touch ups to her stage makeup, but it wouldn’t help at all. Logan then sat down in the other makeup stool right next to Tenney. “I heard your conversation with Portia.”, said Logan. “I wish I could help you one way or another.” Tenney smiled a bit and said, “Thanks.” But before Tenney could speak more, Logan was gone. She then carried on with her makeup.

Where Logan was going, you may ask? He went to the bathroom, changed from his flannel and tee to his performance outfit super quick, combed and sprayed his hair, and then ran to the entrance to the stage, where they were still setting up Logan’s drums. When he got to the entrance, the man setting up everything told Logan, “Wow, you’re early! We have 23 minutes and 39 seconds to go!” Logan shook his head and replied, “Tenney is really, really, nervous. I need to help her.” The man then gave Logan a look and said, “How would you help her by standing here?” Logan said, “Actually, I was going to go on stage for a sec.” The man said, “If you insist…”

At the sight of Logan, there was a bunch of cheering, clapping, poster shaking and “Mommy, it’s Logan!” from little girls. Then a little girl in the front said, “Where’s Tenney?” Logan started what he prepared in his mind. “Well, we don’t perform for another 20 minutes.” The crowd booed. “But, it’s nothing to boo about. I came here because of Tenney.” The little girl smiled and said, “What is she doing?” “She’s getting ready. But backstage, she was really nervous. She was worrying and stressing about making this performance right, so anxious to the point of tears. But I thought of an idea to help her. When we go out in 20 minutes and the radio music stops, chant: Tenney! Tenney!; that would help her feel better. Cheer if you’ll do it!” The crowd went wild. “Thanks!”, Logan said and went backstage again. To Logan’s happiness, the radio was still playing- so they wouldn’t have to chant for 20 whole minutes.

Backstage, Tenney was playing guitar and singing, “Oh Waylon, Wayy-lon! He’s a real sweet pooch, long as you make sure he’s not on the loose. Wayyy-lon!” Logan gave a little laugh as he came back to Tenney’s view. “What song is that? It sounds like a 10 year old wrote it!” Tenney laughed and said, “Actually, a 10 year old wrote that! Ten year old me wrote that about my dog. It makes me happy when I sing it, even though it’s very cheesy.” Logan laughed and said, “If I had a dog, I’d write a song about it! Maybe I’ll write a song about my little brother…” The two friends giggled until Logan heard the background music stop.

Tenney said, “It’s time!”, grabbed her guitar, and walked off with Logan and his drumsticks. When they arrived backstage, Tenney heard “Tenney! Tenney!” from the crowd. “Looks like they’re not giving you any love.”, Tenney said with a laugh. Logan laughed, too, and smiled a bit. “I’m not nervous anymore. I know that they’ll love me!” Logan grinned and said, “Mission accomplished!” As the two friends walked on stage to cheers, Logan knew that this was going to be the best concert ever.

The End!

Did you like the story? If you did, check back tomorrow for a new story!

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