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Dolls I Don't Have By Face Mold

I was bored, so I decided to count all the dolls I don't have by face mold. Here we go!

CLASSIC- 20 dolls left

3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 20, 22, 32, 33, 34, 48, 57, 63, 70, 71

ADDY- 5 dolls left

1, 11, 18, 45, 50

ASIAN- 1 doll left (aka the only face mold I don't have)


JOSEFINA- 1 doll left (I wasn't surprised, considering this is my favorite face mold)


KAYA- Nobody left! I have Kaya and Logan! (BTW, it's Kaya and Lea's birthdays! Happy birthday to them!)

JESS- 2 dolls left

Jess, 72

SONALI- 1 doll left


MARIE-GRACE- None left! I have Marie-Grace!

NANEA- I have Nanea, so none left!

As I expected, I have the most Classic mold dolls to collect. Addy molds are next, then Jess, and then the rest I have 1 or none left.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Oh no! You are only allowed to have one doll of every face mold. Who'd you pick?


Classic- #49 (my doll April)

Addy- #58 (my doll Stephanie)

Josefina- Lea or my #53, Maesi.

Kaya- Kaya, of course! My dad has Logan, so I wouldn't have Logan withdrawals.

Jess- Kanani!

Sonali- Gabriela!

The other face molds are for only one doll.

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