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Smores' Name Tag

Poor Smores. She always has her name mispelled.

Because there's no leaks, I have a story for you about my dad's dog, Smores! If you don't know who she is, she is a 1 year old Cavachon who is obsessed with me, toys, and belly rubs. Here's a photo of the cuteness:

Pretty cute, right?

Well, my dad is letting my grandma take care of Smores while he looks for a house. My grandma is crazy. She always pronounces Smores' name "Shamores"- it annoys me so much. How hard can it be to say "Smores"? She gives Smores a bunch of toys. She probably has like, a hundred. But that's not the basis of this story.

Smores just got a new name tag. And Grandma misspelt her own dog's name.

Here's Smores wearing her misspelt name tag: