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Smores' Name Tag

Poor Smores. She always has her name mispelled.

Because there's no leaks, I have a story for you about my dad's dog, Smores! If you don't know who she is, she is a 1 year old Cavachon who is obsessed with me, toys, and belly rubs. Here's a photo of the cuteness:

Pretty cute, right?

Well, my dad is letting my grandma take care of Smores while he looks for a house. My grandma is crazy. She always pronounces Smores' name "Shamores"- it annoys me so much. How hard can it be to say "Smores"? She gives Smores a bunch of toys. She probably has like, a hundred. But that's not the basis of this story.

Smores just got a new name tag. And Grandma misspelt her own dog's name.

Here's Smores wearing her misspelt name tag:

Pretty cute from a normal glance, huh? Smores can pull off anything, even misspelt name tags. (The light purple line is where Grandma's phone number is.)

But when you zoom in, you realize...

It says S'mores!

Poor baby!

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