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Express Yourself Poetry Contest Winners!

American Girl just announced the winners of the Gabriela McBride Express Yourself Poetry Contest! It was done in collaboration with Scholastic and allowed boys and girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to submit their poems in hopes of winning a $400 Scholastic Gift Card or a Gabriela Collection, and their teacher could win a $100 American Express Gift Card! More than 4000 children entered, and AGDN is proud to put up the winners of this inspiring contest!

Moriah G., age 11

Moriah wrote a very creative poem about photography- the way she expresses herself!

Wyatt S., age 11

Wyatt wrote a very inspiring poem about himself.

Zinnia L, age 10

Zinnia wrote a powerful poem that reminded me a lot of Gabriela!

Congratulations, Moriah, Wyatt and Zinnia! To all the other people who entered, I'm sure your poems were good, too! I would've entered, but I'm over the grade limit. Hopefully if there's a contest for Luciana, then me being a 7th grader won't stop me from entering!

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