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New Kohl's-Exclusive Tenney Pajamas!

Tenney got some cool Kohl's exclusive pajamas and robes! The sets are matching girl and doll and vary from $32 to $40 each. They are available online at Kohls.com and are not available in Kohl's stores yet.

Mint Sing Your Story Pajamas- $34

Pink Sing Your Story PJs- $34

Music Is In My Heart Nightgown- $32

Guitar Nightgown- $32

Nashville Nightgown- $32

Navy Floral Pajamas- $36

Pink Paisley Pajamas- $36

Music Notes Robe- $40

Gray Floral Robe- $40

I am shocked at the prices of these. Usually $40 alone is for a pair of girl pajamas! I am very curious about the quality of these. Once my Kohl's gets these in, I'm getting the Sing Your Story Mint pajamas to see the quality. Besides, it would look great on Melody!

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