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WellieWishers Books!

I found four new WellieWishers books! None of them are for any new ones (so sad!), but Scholastic has another one based on a episode of the Amazon Prime series and AG came out with three new stories!

The first three will release on June 18, 2018. Summer 2018 Release Date, anyone?

The first AG one is called Willa's Wilderness Campout.

"The WellieWishers are going camping! Willa can't wait to be surrounded by nature, sleeping under the stars. Ashlyn has prepared a list of camping supplies to bring, but Willa feels sure all that gear won't be needed. When they get to the campsite, the girls discover they are missing some things. They don't even have marshmallows for toasting! Just when their camp out looks like a catastrophe, their friendship saves the day."

The next one is called the Clippity-Cloppity Carnival. It is about Ashlyn.

"The WellieWishers couldn't be more excited because they're making a carnival in the garden! There will be games and cotton candy, balloons and baby chicks. Best of all, there will be a real horse to ride! There's only one problem: Ashlyn refuses to come. She's afraid of horses. But the carnival just won't be as much fun without Ashlyn! Can her friends convince her to give it a try?"

The last AG one is called Emerson and Princess Peep.

"The WellieWishers are raising chickens! The girls are thrilled when their hen, Queen Ruby, begins laying eggs. But when the first egg hatches, Queen Ruby doesn't seem to know what to do, so Emerson takes charge. Soon the tiny chick, Princess Peep, is following her everywhere. Caring for a chick is a bigger job than Emerson expected!"

Lastly, from Scholastic, we have a book based on the episode Colorific Scavenger Hunt, which will release on June 26, 2018.

Red-check! Yellow-check! The WellieWishers are going on a very special scavenger hunt-a colorific one! Each friend chooses a color and whoever finds the most things around the garden in their color wins. But what happens when Ashlyn can't find anything orange? Join these five friends as they discover that winning isn't always about the points--sometimes, it's as simple as helping out a friend. This storybook is based on the bestselling American Girl characters and charming animated series on Amazon. Includes stickers!

Who's excited? I sure am! This gives me more anticipation for summer to come back.

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