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Book Review: Tenney- A Song for The Season

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Before I get to the main subject, I just want to say THANK YOU FOR 600 SUBSCRIBERS! You guys are the best blog readers ever!

Now, to the main subject. Today me and my dad went on a road trip to the Barnes and Noble in Hickory- 75 minutes away- to get Gabriela: Time for Change and Tenney: A Song for The Season. Dad also got rewarded- he got 2 Star Wars Lego Stormtroopers that I will build for him! I just got home and finished Tenney's book (I finished Gabriela's book on the way home), so I'll review Tenney's book first because it's fresh on my mind and I put my Gabriela book notes on my Notes app.

This book, in my opinion, was the best book in Tenney's entire series. In the first three, Tenney's "problems" were superficial- arguing with Mom, best friend finding a new friend, etc. But in this one, Tenney realizes that being a musician on tour isn't all fun and games... there's a problem every show. Even with the problems, Tenney tries to stay strong. One complaint I had was a redundant theme in the books- Logan being a bit rude and then the two make up. But for this book, it kind of fits because the both of them are in the same boat missing their families and holiday traditions. The ending is heartwarming and makes me want to run and cuddle my Teni and Logan- but I can't because I'm at Dad's apartment. Oh well, I can cuddle Dad's Logan. (Yes, my dad has a Logan. He's in the Tenney and Logan Kiss video because my Logan is scared of kissing- he had to kiss a bunch of random dolls at American Girl camp last summer when we were playing wedding, and he was the only Logan!) Overall, I highly recommend this book.

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