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Doll of the Week: Opal!

Happy October 1, my friends! It's officially the holiday season! (And in SM Network history, it's been THREE YEARS since Anita Stops The Bullying premiered!) I'll make a surprise video for the Christmas start on November 1.

Anyways, the Doll of the Week is Opal!

I got Opal on October 25, 2015 at the American Girl store in Charlotte. It was my first time visiting and I had so much fun! Now, the staff have grown to love me and I visit every week. Opal is a renamed Josefina Montoya doll, I renamed her because on AGIG there was a war at the time on Josefina's pronunciation and I didn't want to mess her name up. But when I learned the real pronunciation, Opal stuck!

Opal is kind of an awkward type. At school, she is smart and excels in her studies, especially spelling. She has skipped second grade and in third grade, she met her best friend Julie. Julie and Opal have both been best friends ever since- and Opal's only friend! Opal is a hipster and wears lots of outdated clothing from Goodwill. She also listens to old music exclusively and is a frequent diner at the Seaside Diner.

Opal's most notable role was playing Kae, a type 1 diabetic superfan and later long-distance friend of the main character, Camila, on Me, My Camera and Diabetes. (JUST SO YOU KNOW: The fourth season was the last season of MMCAD. I'm working on a new series which I know you'll love!)

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