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Doll of the Week: Stephanie!

I had a ruff morning- I was stressed because I lost a $150 AG gift card giveaway. But I got over it- and it's my sister's birthday, too! (Happy birthday, Sierra!)

Anyways, the doll of the week is Stephanie!

I got Stephanie at the markdown day at the MCM Benefit Sale on July 23, 2017- she was only $30! She is Truly Me 58, who I named after Stephanie Spanos, a PR person for American Girl who let me go to AG headquarters the day after I got Stephanie.

Stephanie is a shy girl, but is very smart. She codes websites all the time- her favorite thing to do is to make the sites blue, her favorite color! She makes thousands of dollars a month from all of her websites, which she uses to get blue outfits. When it comes to that color, she rocks everything. (She's upset she came in lilac.) In her free time, she likes to pet her margay cat, build Legos and solve logic puzzles.

Stephanie hasn't been in any videos yet- she is a bit camera shy!

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