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Matching Girl/Doll Sale!

Halloween's over, and it's officially Christmas Creep season! To kick off the season, American Girl is having these matching girl/doll set sales for up to $26 off until Christmas Eve! All but two are pajamas.


-Celebration Dress and Fancy Holiday Dress: $78

Pajamas- all $50


Nanea's Tropical PJs

Maryellen's Pajamas

Melody's Pajamas

Julie's Zigzag Pajamas

Kit's One-Piece Pajamas

Rebecca's Satin Pajamas

Josefina's Nightgown

Kaya's Pow-Wow Dress of Today and Blue Patterned Pajamas

Samantha's Nightgown

Addy's Nightgown


Gabriela's Pajamas

Tenney's Gingham PJs


Dream Pajamas

Pomeranian Pajamas

Festive Reindeer PJs


Enchanted Garden Pajamas

Fantastic Firefly PJs

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