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Girl of the Year Debut Events

A new year is coming- and with that, a new Girl of the Year! I'm so excited to find out who she is- you guys can tune in to Good Morning America on December 31 (or probably a couple days before then, as December 31 is a Sunday this year) to find out!

No matter who the doll is, from explorer Lea to poet Gabriela, I get the new Girl of the Year on January 1! This is my third year getting her on her release day, and my second year getting her when the store opens- so I was happy to find out that the Girl of the Year event is listed!

Every store has this event from opening to three hours after opening:

"New friends are so much fun to find—and it’s almost time to meet the 2018 Girl of the Year®! Who will she be? You’ll find out soon. Bring your girl to the store for an exciting event!"

The store in Columbus is having this early-goers event starting at 9 am to 10 am:

"Celebrate both the new year and our new Girl of the Year with this special event that includes breakfast treats and a private shopping experience! Girls will receive a Girl of the Year goody bag including the Girl of Year giveaway, craft, and a copy of the American Girl Magazine. Afterward, enjoy some private shopping time before the store opens to the public."

Who's excited?

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